Yup! It’s me! I know it has been a while, but lets just say, its been a rollercoaster of a year since my last post (which I believe was last Easter…).

It is now the Easter holidays, and I am well and truly ready for that break. I feel I have been working non stop to get things done, and Covid has not helped….at all! Children in and out of school, staff in and out of school being floating heads on the screen due to teaching from home….I have said it before, and I will say it again, I will always prefer teaching in person!

As I said before, I have found it to be a rather difficult year since my last post, for many reasons:
– I am teaching a new year group, so I have been learning the curriculum to ensure I am familiar with it.
– I have taken on the role of being Geography Ambassador at school (the first time I have a lead a subject). I have made curriculum maps, looked for new books that link the geography within our school, as well as organising a whole school geography day (including an African dance workshop.)
– Teaching online for a short while, as well as setting work online for some children, whilst also teaching a whole class.

We are also in the OFSTED window – I have never experienced an OFSTED inspection in school as a teacher, so it will be an interesting couple of days when that happens….hopefully I can keep calm when the call is received.

Despite everything that is going on, I continue to love being in the classroom and teaching the future generations!

I am really hoping I can keep making up to date posts and include many more teaching ideas.

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