For those who know me well, you will know that I am one of these people who just can’t sit and do nothing. Even when watching a film (unless it’s in a cinema), so I have to keep myself busy.

I love completing jigsaws. I have many 1000 piece jigsaws, a few 2000 piece ones and I have a 6000 piece jigsaw – one of the most difficult jigsaws I have ever completed. Amongst these, I have completed some challenging ones, but with much fewer pieces. For example, a 250 piece jigsaw, with each piece made from clear plastic.
Jigsaws page.

In November 2018, I taught myself to crochet – I needed a different hobby. After watching many videos on youtube by Bella Co Co (would highly recommend her if you decide to learn), and many mistakes and difficulties, I have come to love this hobby.
Crochet page.

Cross stitch is another hobby of mine, which require little concentration, and it helps me to relax.
Cross Stitch page.

Needle felting (or felting) is something that I have recently found quite interesting, and I have been intrigued as to how it is done. I have taught myself the basic of this as a kit was bought for me. I feel there is much more to it than just repeatedly stabbing felt with a needle.
Felting page.