Children learning in different ways:
– Kinaesthetic
– Auditory
– Visual
This is why, I feel, it is important to use a variety of teaching styles within the classrooms and across subjects.

I know it has been a while since I last posted, so here are a few examples of practical learning I have used this academic year.

I have done a variety of different practical lessons, where the children have been fully engaged and been able to explore through hands on tasks and activities. They have also been able to apply their knowledge throughout these:
– We created a scale model of the solar system on the school playground. Inflatable planets were used and the distance between the planets was reduced (significantly) so we can demonstrate the solar system in a small area. This was then used to demonstrate how they orbit around the sun. Throughout this, questions were asked based on their knowledge of the order of planets.
– Using these inflatable planets and a torch, day and night were demonstrated as well as a solar and lunar eclipse. This allowed children to visually see how these events occur.
– Greek Day. Now this was a fantastic day! I use a company called Portals to the Past, and someone came to do a Greek workshop with the class. We were dressed up as Ancient Greeks, learnt some stories (with drama involved), completed a quiz (even I learnt a lot of new and interesting facts), then an Ancient Greek style Olympic games.
– During our volcano topic, we made mini erupting volcanoes. This was an end of topic activity for children to apply their knowledge. Using a plastic bottle that was decorated to look like a volcano, we mixed washing up liquid with water and bicarbonate of soda, which was then placed into the bottle. This acted like magma within the magma chamber. Vinegar and red food colouring was then poured in, causing a reaction. This demonstrated the volcano erupting. Afterwards, we discussed the sequence of events that took place, relating them to a volcanic eruption.

Next month, I will be taking my class on a school trip that will link to our next topic – Mining in the local area. This will be the first ever school trip I have organised, and also the classes first trip since the pandemic!

Write to you soon!

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