I’m Alice, or to the children I teach, Miss Moody. I am a twenty something year old and I currently teach a lovely year 5 class, that is filled with many characters that makes each and every day different and exciting. I have always had a passion for teaching and I have wanted to be a teacher since being in Primary School. It has been my dream.

Everything I have done, part times jobs, subject choices, university course, and voluntary experiences, have all aided me in becoming a Primary Teacher. During my A Levels, I volunteered at my local primary school, to gain experience, knowledge, tips and advice about teaching. I was able to apply this through my placements at university.

I love swimming, and was a competitive swimmer from the age of 7 until I starter Sixth Form. I combined my love for the sport and passion for teaching, and became a fully qualified swimming teacher. I taught swimming from being 15 up to starting university. I miss teaching swimming.

I trained to be a teacher at Edge Hill University. I fell in love with this university at my first visit there. I then spent three fabulous years there, training in my dream profession and meeting amazing people along the way. I was able to gain experience in different schools – one in Salford (Manchester), North Wales, and the third in Luton. Each one giving a very different experience.

Of course, like a lot of people, I have many hobbies to fill the spare time that I do have between school work (I am one of those people who cannot sit and do nothing). These include: crochet (self taught), jigsaws, cross stitch and needle felting.

I have set up this website/blog to show my hobbies and share any teaching ideas I use or come across, as well as show places I have travelled to.

Hope you enjoy it!