What a half term it has been! 8 long and tiring, yet enjoyable weeks. It has been great being back in the classroom full time, with a full class of children. It’s the closest thing to normality at the moment. Despite how much I have enjoyed this half term with my new class, I am well and truly knackered. I don’t know why I am more tired than normal, but we all need this week off.

Schools are working so hard at the moment – putting things in place to ensure staff, children, parents and the community is safe in these very uncertain and strange times. I, for one, am so glad I work in such a positive and supportive environment, where everyone works as a team!

I feel things are only going to get harder, and more difficult on the run up to Christmas, and it will be strange not having the usual Christmas productions as we cannot mix bubbles. But, I know, one way or another, we will still be able to enjoy that time like we normally do in schools!

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